Beeras –

This handsome dude is Beeras (meaning Beer).

He now is 7 months old, fully vaccinated and Spayed. He was rescued as a small stray kitten (5-6 weeks old), lost in a street with cars passing by all the time threatening his life. He was scared and crying in the middle of the street where he appeared in front of our vehicle! We immediately stoped the car and was trying for hours to catch him as he was hiding inside of parked cars and crossing the road! He was nearly run over 2-3 times. Lucky for him -and the person(s) who will spend his life with- he got caught eventually and he is in foster care since July. He is a healthy and adorable young kitten, very tender, social, playful and cuddly. He loves to give kisses! He is living with 8 other cats of various ages and sexes. He is very playful with the younger ones and very respectful to the older’s boundaries.