Koula & Panagiotis – lagoumaria.com

The cute duo. Koula (calico) and Panagiotakis (the mustache guy),

The two siblings were found half dead inside an abandoned house.
They were 40 months old, Koula was not even moving. Both eyes and nose were blocked from infection, covered in fleas, super dirty and skinny, were saved just hours before they die.
It took several days for them to recover and they were hand-fed every 2-3 hours.
Now 6 months later, they have grown up to be excellent personalities.
Super social, playful, curious, and cuddly. Make buscuits all the time and takes less that a nanosecond to start puuring non stop.
They love all people and are very affectionate and responsive to love.
They would be great if adopted together but also ok as a single kitten. The get along with other cats easily.
Easily adjusted. Love attention and cuddles.

fixed eye ( already had an eye surgery)