Frixos –


Frixos was found dirly, malnutrished and really scarred, in a colony we discovered by chance. He has the typical structure of an Aegean cat, long hair, slim and tall.
The entire colony was sterilized and Frixos was taken into foster care as he was very afraid of the other cats and pushed away to the point he could not even eat his meal.
He is now a healthy 6 month old boy, semi-long haired. A very curious little guy, doesnt get scared with people or noises, but takes his time when comes to cuddling.
Hesitant at first, but doesnt take too long to love.
His favorite thing is to stick his head between you and any other cat you want to pet to steal some love as he is a bit suspecious with hands and wants to make sure love is what you have for him.
Goes along with other cats. Loves our other foster kitten “Koton”. Would be a perfect companion to people who would like the company of a calm cat.