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This hairball is Koton. She was found 1,5 months old, running around the streets around my apartment, probably bullied by the other adult cats -as she is a soft character- and with an eye infection that probably paniced her even more.
She is now 6 months old and totaly healthy long-haired baby. Shy at first, but very cuddly and quiet once she gets to know you.
Hesitant at first, and needs a bit of time to adjust to the new surroundings, but doesnt take too long to love.
Enters the room very quietly to observe you, walks like a feather, and wait until you sit on a chair to climb your lap for cuddles.
She makes an excellent pair with Frixos in case you are considering a fluffy duo. Goes along with other cats. She would be a perfect companion to people who would like the company of a calm cat.